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Why would world leaders support falsification of United Nationís climate change report?
By Ben Cerruti

One would assume that the greater majority of Americans, regardless of political persuasion, want as clean and environment as is economically possible. There are those who sincerely believe what has emanated from the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, , established by the United Nations and there are those who sincerely believe that the IPCC has purposely falsified the information provided in their report and have evidence to prove it, see . It stands to reason that those on either side of the issue of validity base their positions on what they understand the facts to be in that regard.

This then poses the question, Ďwhy would the IPCC falsify their reportí? There are those who believe the motivation for this falsification is much larger than the issue itself. It does relate to verbiage in the Kyoto Protocol and Copenhagen Accord. Written into both of them is the subjugation of sovereign governments to "global governance", see and . This would put us on the road to a single world government. This would mean that our Constitution would be superceded by a World Government Constitution. The cherished individual freedoms we have had would become collective freedoms and no longer be guaranteed under a socialistic form of government.

The movement to a single world government is not new. Although efforts to promote it preceded WWII it didnít gain momentum until the Bretton Woods meeting in 1944 when the leaders of the victorious countries met to establish a monetary system, see .

English economist John Maynard Keynes suggested a single world currency which would have eventually required a single world government to work (*). That wasnít possible because Europe had to be rebuilt from the ravages of war. Instead they established the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. The stronger economies would supply funding, in proportion to their wealth, to be distributed to weaker (third world) economies by the World Bank. The U.S. dollar was used as the monetary standard wherein they would guarantee to sell it to other world Central Banks for $35 an ounce**. In 1946 the United Nations was established to further the movement by the rest of the world to share our countries wealth with them.

They have been fairly successful in the gradual movement towards that end. In 1973 due to the collapse of the gold standard in 1971 the creation of the Trilateral Commission was initiated by David Rockefeller (Republican) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (Democrat) and joined in by prominent citizens of Japan and the European Union. They have met annually and a prominent item on their agenda has been the development of a new interdependent order of nations. Brzezinski was the author of the book Between Two Ages, which was published in 1970, in which he called for a new international monetary system, and is considered to be the "Bible" of the Trilateralists. On page 72, he said: "Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief." He calls for "deliberate management of the American future (pg. 260)", a "community of nations (pg. 296)" and a "world government (pg. 308)".

What should be of real interest to all Americans is the membership list of the Trilateral Commission, see . Past Presidents and prominent members of both parties are listed along with many people of wealth. Included among these is Hungarian born George Soros (Gyorgy Schwartz), a billionaire who advocates open borders, world socialism and a new world order, see . He has so stated repeatedly both in writing and in interviews. It has been his lifelong dream inherited from his father who was a prominent figure in the promotion of Esperanto, a single world language. He has been a prime donor to liberal candidates and provides financial support to the Democratic Party by way of organizations such as Center for American Progress, Apollo Alliance,, Media Matters, Tides Foundation, Open Society Institute and many others.

George Soros is a heavy promoter of the premise that man made global warming exists. After all, what better way to control what people do than to tell them what cars to drive, what food to eat, where to set their thermostat, what fuel to use (regardless of the cost) etc. Having government control each person by this means theoretically makes it much easier for the Ruling Class (Billionaires and Beaurocrats) to be secure while having the Proletariat sharing their respective wealth and income with each other. The result a convenient two class system. That may be what some people want. If so, they should continue to support the Global Warming myth. If not, recognition should be given to the fact that these people in high places are not looking out for us or our planet. They are looking out for their own interests and ideologies.

Thoughts to ponder. When the economic incentives of Capitalism no longer exist, where would innovators go to get venture capital to build their businesses? Where would the jobs be that would have been created by the defelopment of new products? Governments have never been very good in creating productive jobs. Remember taxes from the private sector support the public sector. The taxes the public sector pay are simply recirculated taxes from the private sector.

*Eventually a single world currency can only work when all countries are under a single government. Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in economics, said that the Euro would eventually fail unless Europe was under a single government. Recently Germany and France had to provide funds to Greece to avoid bankruptcy. Spain, Portugal, Italy and others are also in financial trouble that must be eventually addressed

**In 1971 the U.S. was forced to abandon the gold standard when the price of gold soared due to the governmentís inability to balance budgets

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