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"The most formidable weapon against errors of any kind is reason"
It was the only reasonable decision for the President to make
By Ben Cerruti

V.P. Joe Biden in introducing President Obama, using obvious political rhetoric, told service members at Fort Campbell, Ky. that the decision made by Obama to raid the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan was a "gutsy" one. This, of course, provided Obama the opportunity to bask in that adulation in his following remarks. The fact that his decision was the only reasonable decision to make seems to have been completely ignored.

From what we know, the only other choices he had was to monitor the compound and wait for more intelligence essentially doing nothing - or - to bomb the compound which would was not likely to provide proof Bin Laden was killed. In addition, bombing would likely have caused collateral death of civilians. It should be apparent that the only reasonable choice was the one he selected.

Perhaps one might consider from what we know about the long Marxist trail in Obama’s past, and his far left policies which include appointments to match, the importance to base any evaluation on the actions that he takes as following the Marxist credo "the end justifies the means". It follows that his objective is to transform our country into that which is Marxist like. This means he must do everything possible to stay in office another term. Hence this opportunity allowed him the opportunity to be viewed as a competent ‘commander in chief’ providing impetus towards his reelection. This accomplishment would allow him to continue the implementation of his ideology through whatever means possible, including the bypassing of Congress by way of executive orders and regulations, created out of agencies and imposed as if they were enacted laws.

As with Bill Clinton, but even more-so, Obama creates photo ops whenever possible that will portray him as a "Messiah" utilizing the single consonant "I" without any degree of self indulgent shame. He unabashedly makes sure he includes himself whenever possible with those who really are meritorious to bask in any adulation they receive. He is a socio-political animal motivated by his Marxist ideology emanating from the indoctrination he received starting with his parents and continuing with his grandparents and their Marxist friends and associates.

It's somewhat sad that the media and observers in general tend to evaluate the events of the moment without realizing where he is really coming from. It is unfortunate that there aren't more that grasp what is really happening and are not afraid to state the truth. Specifically that because of his Marxist ideology of 'the end justifies the means', as stated by Karl Marx, it follows that common sense and logic must tell us that everything he does must be suspect and that what he espouses may in fact be treasonous. That is, overthrow of the government by usurpation of power using the power of executive orders lacking definitive legislative approval.

We look for a sufficient number of voters to recall the many unfulfilled commitments made by this President. Their recognition of the disingenuousness of his administration and their ramming down our throats of the patently unconstitutional ‘Obamacare" bill is of the greatest importance. Our country cannot survive as ‘the land of the free’ unless this man and those of his ilk holding office are defeated soundly Please note that it only takes one more appointment of a Supreme Court judge by Obama to seal our Marxist fate.

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